Celebrating Christmas Conscientiously

Celebrating Christmas Conscientiously


Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is gearing up for the festivities. In our modern day practice, we put up Christmas decorations as early as October, shop for gifts in advance and attend Christmas parties every so often. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year!


As we revel in the spirit of Christmas, let us give more meaning to it by spending the holidays conscientiously. After all, the true spirit of Christmas is about sharing your blessings to others.

Here are some tips that can help you celebrate a meaningful Christmas that has an impact to our society and environment.

1. Plan your Christmas Shopping


Just like Santa Claus, make a list and check it twice! Before you do your Christmas shopping, create a list of people whom you will give presents to. Having a list will help you manage your spending and maximize your time in the mall, especially with the traffic conditions during the holidays.


Before you do your Christmas shopping, visit the malls early on so you can scout for the best deals and avoid the stress of last minute shopping.


2. Make it a Green Christmas


Christmas may be the season of giving and indulging, but it can also be challenging for the environment. Gift wrappers, paper bags, ribbons and greeting cards go to waste once the holidays are over.


This Christmas, go green and get creative! Don’t forget to bring your reusable bags for shopping to lessen the use of paper bags and single-use plastic bags.  You can also use eco bags as packaging for your gifts. These bags may come in different shapes and designs that can spruce up your gifts without having to use wrapping materials. Since eco bags are also reusable, the receiver will definitely appreciate the 2-in-1 gift!


Old newspapers and brown papers are also an option to make your presents look special. Just wrap them up and tie everything together with a string or raffia to make it look rustic. Shoe boxes are also an alternative if your gifts are big and bulky. Don’t forget to look for those old ribbons and wrappers that you stored from last year!

3. Zero Waste Parties


Have you ever thrown an eco-friendly Christmas party? Well, this year can be your first!


Start by listing down the number of people who will attend your party. In this way, you can manage the amount of food to order or prepare and avoid wastage. Should there be leftovers, make sure that you have recyclable containers ready so that your guests can bring some of them home.


Dump the styrofoam, plastic cups and utensils, and use real dinnerware instead. (After all, styrofoam products emit carcinogens and you don’t want that in your food!) Yes, it will require washing, but it will immensely reduce the waste from your party. Bio-degradable plates, utensils and cups made from plant ingredients are also ideal. These materials decompose and are friendlier to the environment.


4. Christmas is about Sharing


Christmas is especially a great time for children. They look forward to Christmas morning – the time when they get to open their gifts. Regrettably there are children who do not get to experience this exciting time of the year. Maybe this Christmas, you can make it different for the less fortunate.


This holiday season, SM Cares, SM Supermalls and Toy Kingdom invite you to share the joyful spirit of Christmas by donating an SM Bears of Joy to a child in need. This annual Christmas charity project will allow you to make this holiday season more special to unprivileged children across the country.


For only Php 200 pesos, you can get a bear and donate the other pair to the mall’s chosen charity. The SM Bears of Joy 2018 will be available until December 25, 2018 in select SM Supermalls Toy Fair booths and Toy Kingdom stores nationwide. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/OfficialSMCares or www.smcares.com.ph.


Tis’ the season to be jolly and to spend the holidays conscientiously. Let us be mindful of our environment, our family and friends, but most importantly, to those who are in need.