Life After 60

Many people approach the sixties as if it were a hazard to slow them down; but on the contrary, it is in this age that perks take full swing, and life can be enjoyed to the fullest!

Read up and find out how you can make the most out life after 60!

  1. Delight yourself with all the dining discounts

Bringing out your senior citizen ID will become a reflex when dining out, as you get to enjoy the perks that your ID comes with. Enjoy your food with 20% discount, best enjoyed with the excellent company of your friends and loved ones.

  1. Enjoy the comfort of priority Lanes

Long lines are a thing of the past once you reach your sixties, as you’re accompanied straight to the priority lane. Whether at the grocery, airport, government offices, as well in parking spaces, you are always number 1.

  1. Travel for less

Whether traveling by land, air or sea, your senior citizen ID comes extremely handy! 20% off all transportation fare means you can travel more, at less cost.

  1. Avail of discounted rates at hotels, and recreation centers

In addition to discounted travel, the fun never stops at 60 with discounts offered at hotels, lodging establishments, recreation centers, concert halls, cinema houses, and theatres.

  1. Have medical services at a discount

Because health is wealth, one of the top priorities for senior citizens is keeping their health in top shape. One benfit they can enjoy are discounted medical and dental services, in all recognized institutions. Aside from this, they are also entitled to 20% discount on the purchase of medicines and other medical supplies.

  1. Find meaningful employment

Many people who have reached the golden age of 60 have found absolutely no reason to stop making a living for their family. This is the reason many still seek employment beyond the years of their retirement. SM Cares, through the Senior Citizens Casual Employment Programs aims to help senior citizens by providing them casual and part-time work assignments, promoting productive use of their skills and abilities.

Indeed, reaching 60 is no reason to slow down, but instead, gear up towards having the best years of one’s life.


Marissa Fernan, Vice President of SM Prime Holdings, receives the ICSC Foundation Albert Sussman International Community Support Award from Scott Harris, ICSC Managing Director of Asia-Pacific at the awarding ceremonies held in Las Vegas, USA last May 20, 2018.

SM Prime’s pioneering housing project for survivors of super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) has won the prestigious Albert Sussman International Community Support Award of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Foundation, the global trade association of the shopping center industry.

The award was conferred during the Global Retail Real Estate Convention (RECon) in Las Vegas, USA last May 20, 2018.

The Albert Sussman International Community Support Award is considered the highest honour in the community support award program of the ICSC Foundation which was organized to acknowledge outstanding humanitarian work of the retail industry in the community and recognize the industry’s most innovative and impactful initiatives.

The ICSC Foundation Community Support Awards recognizes outstanding community support programs of institutions, committed to social responsibility and community outreach efforts by retail establishments, their management companies, or retailers.

Prior to winning the prestigious award, SM Cares was also recognized with the ICSC Global Awards 2017 for Asia Pacific, held last October 24, 2017, in Bangkok, Thailand.

One of SM Cares’ partner NGOs, CFC-ANCOP, will also receive an additional financial grant from the ICSC Foundation.

SM Prime Executive Committee Chairman Hans T. Sy spearheaded the SM Cares Housing Project in which a total of 1,000 shelter units were donated in areas heavily struck by super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in Central Visayas.

The SM Cares Tacloban Village, composed of the 400 units.

The project is a joint undertaking of SM and its service providers, tenants, employees, and communities who all pitched in to build the houses and their communities. The disaster-resilient houses were given to the beneficiaries for free, and SM worked with several NGO partners for its community development, including livelihood and values formation activities.

Hans Sy said the award is a recognition of the valuable contribution of SM’s partners and the painstaking work the hundreds of volunteers had given into making the villages vibrant communities that they are today.

Sy added that the award is a testament to the courage and resiliency of the human spirit in the face of the biggest tragedy. “We have shown to the world how people could bounce back after a tragedy and how communities composed of strangers could thrive and grow together with the help of well-meaning groups and advocates,” Sy said.

There are four SM Cares’ Housing Villages in the Visayas, located in Bogo, Cebu (200 houses), Concepcion, Iloilo (200 houses), Tacloban (400 houses) and Ormoc, Leyte (200 houses).

The SM Cares Housing Ormoc Village.

Sy added that the award will serve as the company’s inspiration to continue to be stewards of the communities where their malls operate. “We are proud of this project because we have shown the Filipino bayanihan at its best. We have people working together to uplift the lives of our countrymen and through their determination to get back on their feet, they have achieved what seemed to be a daunting task of not only recovering from a tragedy but making it an opportunity to live better. We are inspired to continue doing this for more communities and for more people,” Sy said.​


Making the Most of Being an OFW


Most people only pay attention to the results of hard work of an OFW: material possessions, hard earned savings, and financial freedom which most of them enjoy. Many think that OFWs are having the time of their lives abroad: splurging, sight-seeing, and making foreign friends.
What most people don’t realize are the labor and sacrifices that each OFW pay as they build a better way of life for their families. Along with this comes the challenges, early financial struggles, and the loneliness they have to endure working away from home.
OFWs have long been the model of modern-day heroism. Each OFW is a hero for injecting Filipino pride into every job they enter, lifting one family at a time, and contributing majorly in the exponential growth of the country’s economy.
While many are daunted by the distance of working away from home, here are ways to make the most out of being an OFW:

1. Communicate regularly with family, use technology to be virtually together

The saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” rings true for OFWs, their families, and long distance relationships. Unlike the earlier decades when you had to wait for the letters to arrive, or spend heaps for an international call, technology now enables you to be with your loved ones at almost no cost. Through the internet and various messaging apps, you can be together virtually. For special occasions, family gatherings, or everyday events, making voice and video calls are already in your hands.


2. Make instant friends within the Filipino community

It’s no secret that in all places around the world, Filipino communities thrive. You can visit a foreign country, and hear someone speak Filipino/other dialects, you immediately know you have a connection. Filipino communities in foreign countries tend to be very tightly knit, helping each other out in times of need, and foster the real sense of “pakikipagkapwa” and “bayanihan.”



3. Meet people from all walks of life

Aside from meeting fellow Filipinos, OFWs also get to have the rich experience of meeting people from all walks of life, from different nationalities, and different backgrounds. This enables them to broaden their perspective and immerse themselves in different cultures and beliefs.


4. Enjoy much celebrated homecomings

Once you go home, you can smell the lechon, and see the banners welcoming you home. Your homecoming is important to the whole family, and sometimes even to the whole barangay! The fruits of your hard work are celebrated and much appreciated.


5. Make the most out of exclusive shopping perks

While most OFWs are known to send balikbayan boxes full of pasalubong to their family back home, numerous shopping perks and privileges can also be enjoyed by OFWs and their families at all SM Supermalls!


With the use of the SM Global Pinoy Center card, exclusive promos can be redeemed for every SM Global Pinoy and their family. From shopping, to dining, to grooming services, and even business opportunities, rewards can be enjoyed all-year round. Be a member today, and visit this page for more information:



Michael Klecheski, Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy with Liza Silerio, Program Director on Environment & Sustainability

US Embassy underscores the need to address plastic use in Earth Day celebration

The United States Embassy in Manila today highlighted the need to address environmental degradation brought about by the worsening problem of plastic use noting that it is one of the most serious threats to marine life and resources.

Speaking during the Green Film Festival to mark the Earth Day celebration at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, Michael Klecheski, Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy in Manila, said plastic is one of the biggest sources of water and marine life pollution.

“This year’s theme (of Earth Day) is World’s Mismanaged Wastes and Debris and this is something important to the world and fundamentally important to the Philippines and we all experience it. You all know the damage that all that plastic does if we don’t manage it properly as you can see in the Manila Bay,” he said.

“Your DENR is addressing it. Government doing all the stuff is very important but the truth is we need good partners in the civil society, business and people as a whole. Every individual can contribute,” he stated.

Michael Klecheski, Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy interacting with the student attendees.

Klecheski said the Earth Day and the GFF are a good way to remind the people on the importance of taking care of the environment and to recommit to protecting nature and world around us.

He said they have decided to partner with SM Supermalls, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education in holding this quarter’s GFF run in various SM malls all over the country because they believe in what SM and GFF strive to do in the project.

“The US has been committed to environmental work for a very long time and it’s important for us to have great partners and SM is a great partner in this because we have been doing this for a long time. The youth is an important group that we have to inculcate the importance of environmental consciousness not just so they know it but they have to do something about it and that’s true for every generation,” he said.

SM has been holding GFF for the past nine years in a bid to raise awareness on the current state of environment to encourage positive action towards preserving the eco-system. Environmental documentaries are shown quarterly in SM Cinemas to high school and college students for free.

Since its start, more than 700,000 students have been able to watch environmentally-themed movies and documentaries.

Liza Silerio, Program Director for SM Cares’ Program on Environment, said the GFF is a continuing commitment of SM to care for the environment as it highlights the importance of bringing the issue of environmental protection closer to young people.

“Our aim is to bring to the young people the beauty of our world – clean air, fresh water and at the same time show the effects of disasters due to climate change and many others caused by people. We want to create a change in the way we think, we feel, and we do. Let’s be mindful of the environment and the planet we all live in,” she said.

She also expressed gratitude for the continuing partnership SM has with the US Embassy starting many years ago on the Trash for Cash project, the Bamboo Planting project in Hinulugang Taktak in Antipolo and the other projects of SM Cares.

High school students from Corazon Aquino School in Tondo, Manila, Taguig National High School and SOS Children’s Village watched “Racing Extinction”, an award-winning documentary by the American Film Showcase, which talks about mass extinction of species due to poaching, global warming and overpopulation.