Using technology to plan your long weekends and holidays

Good news to all Pinoys: there are 10 expected long holidays in 2019! Better make the most out of each one, and plan ahead to avoid the unwanted hassle and holiday rush. From the early planning stages down to the actual trip, technology can be beneficial to book and organize your trip. Luckily, through helpful mobile apps such as the Weather Philippines App, we can be up to date with weather conditions throughout the country, to ensure safety in planning any trip.

Check out the calendar below for the list of holidays and read further to know how you can use technology in your early planning of next year’s anticipated long weekends.

  1. Mark it on your calendars

The first and most important step in planning a holiday is to make sure it is reflected on your calendar. (And make sure your boss approves, too!)

TIP: Put it on your phone’s calendar app, and set reminders (monthly, weekly, or daily) to get you geared up as your holiday nears. This way, you can also be reminded of the proper preparations you need before it occurs.

  1. Come up with a holiday plan

Once you’ve set the date, the next step is to plan how you want to spend it. Whether it be exploring the outdoors, city tours or museum visits, it’s best to come up with a detailed itinerary of your plans and share it with the friends and family who will join you.

TIP: Create a holiday e-mail invite and send to your family, friends, and other companions so they can immediately respond accordingly; and the event will also be electronically added to their calendar.

  1. Do the necessary bookings

As they say, “the early bird catches the worm”. Proper preparation and agile planning is key in ensuring that your holiday arrangements are hassle-free. In booking trips, make sure you get the latest updates on the best deals. It is essential to first check out all your options before making final reservations to avoid costly rebooking.

TIP: Compare prices from different websites, and book during off-peak days and hours. Use mobile apps of airlines to get notifications for seat sales and use the more efficient option of having a web check-in.

  1. Do your research!

Wherever you’re heading, it’s important to make every moment count so as not to waste your holiday. To avoid any unforeseen events or be disappointed by unmet expectations, it’s always good to research before heading to your destination. Check out everything there is to know about the place: transportation options, tourist spots, budget to prepare, weather conditions, and the general atmosphere and feel of the environment. By knowing all these, you can act accordingly, and not be daunted by visiting a new place.

TIP:  It’s helpful to watch videos, and read blogs just to learn more about other people’s experiences, and where possible, also get recommendations from experts or locals. Don’t forget to check out the ratings on trusted travel websites and make sure to complete your reservations and make payments only on trusted websites.

  1. Pack appropriately

Make sure you know the weather conditions of the place you’re going to, so that you’re prepped for your daily OOTDs, and take Instaworthy photos. (You don’t want to wear winter clothes on a bright sunny day, do you?) Know the right clothes to bring and pack appropriately!

  1. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacay!

Once you’ve gone through the nitty-gritties of holiday planning, you owe it to yourself to just enjoy your vacation. Make the most out of it and like the saying goes “take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.”

TIP: Make sure you enter vacation mode properly equipped for the right weather. Get daily and hourly weather forecasts from all parts of the world at your fingertips with the Weather Philippines app. Download now to get your personal weather informant for your upcoming holidays! Bon voyage!

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