What is Mindful Malling? Discover what it is and what it means for you.

What is Mindful Malling? Discover what it is and what it means for you.

As we move towards achieving sustainability and developing habits that are good for the environment, we should practice mindfulness wherever we go. But what is “mindfulness?” According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it means paying attention to our actions, and to its possible outcomes; and extensively putting our concern for others and for the environment, above our convenience.

The road towards sustainable living is not always easy; but when we combine all our efforts, we can produce great results which can last for future generations. To start your journey towards mindful malling, check out the following tips:

Be a plastic-free shopper and bring with you your reusable bags

Single-use plastic bags can be convenient the moment we use them. But after that, they can mean a lifetime of harm for our marine animals. As a mindful shopper, let’s do our best to avoid and refuse plastic bags by bringing reusable bags. Pro tip: even if you’re not going to the mall or a store, let it be part of your essentials kit in your car or everyday bag.

Carry reusable utensil kit – reusable straw, spoon, fork and tumbler

One of the many experiences to look forward – eating time at the mall! Whatever cuisine you’re into, it’s best to have your own reusable utensils. Little by little, a lot of stores are gradually turning into the use of metal or paper straws, wooden plates, and more. Sometimes, you may even be rewarded if you brought your own!

TIP: You can skip more plastic when you buy coffee or drinks and ask them not to put on the lid.

Remember to clean as you go

Malls are still public places, it’s important to remember that you are sharing its facilities with other people. So when it comes to food courts and restaurants, remember to always clean after you go. Put wastes and the proper bin and stack plates, put glasses or cups together. It’ll be our own little way to show our courtesy.

Save up on fuel with eco-friendly transportation options in getting to the mall

Another way we can practice mindfulness, even if we’re not going to the mall, is by taking other transportation options. These options include taking public transportation, or walking our way to our destination. When we do this, not only are we reducing our carbon footprint, but we can also reduce our costs.

Being a mindful maller is not a one-time activity, but it requires everyday practice in order to develop into a steady habit. Let’s practice mindful malling and set the global standard of being a responsible shopper anytime, anywhere.